Introduction: The Fading Suns setting has always held some fascination for me, ever since I played Emperor of the Fading Suns for the PC. Immediately, with just a simple (but well made and engrossing) computer game my imagination was unleashed. I could imagine an old stellar empire where the concepts of freedom, justice and democracy were subsumed in a culture that struggled to survive in a hostile universe. Where the medieval concepts of lordship and vassalage, and an all-powerful church lived and thrived. The setting is rich in background and one worthy of exploration.

This page was created to support our ongoing Fading Suns campaign. We are using the D20 ruleset in lieu of the VP ruleset as it appeared in the original publication of the Fading Suns game. As such, this page will mainly be geared towards D20 and much of the information and adventures will support that ruleset. However, any good GM should be able to adapt with little problem.

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