Brother Jansen Trakehnen of De Moley

Brother Battle 3

Played by Jan Allanson.

Description: This novice Brother Battle has recently begun his pilgrimage of the Known Worlds at the behest of his order.  He was born on the planet that houses the order's monastery.  Raised in one of the biodomes resulting from incomplete terraforming, his was destined to be a peasant's life.  That was, until he caught the attention of the head of the order, Master Claudius himself.  On a routine visit from the monastery to see to the faithful of the surrounding populace, the Master noticed the exceptional heartiness of young Jansen.  He recognized his mother as one of the more faithful, if pitiful, members of the community, and suggested that the boy be watched for possible induction into the order.  Indeed, when he grew a few years older, he was selected to become a Brother Battle.

Since those days, the training of the monastery is all that Jansen has known.  His superiors in the order have been well pleased with both his devout faith and his athletic prowess.  His considerable natural talents have been bolstered by much hard work and the rigors of the disciplined life of a Brother Battle.  Currently he is exploring to further his understanding of the Known Worlds, their inhabitants and mysteries, and the role that his religion and order must play in them.

He can recite passages from both the Omega Gospels and the Compassionate Truths verbatim, and he frequently uses St. Rasmussen's Lament as a warcry when entering the fray against the forces of sin and evil.  His command of combat skills rivals his knowledge of scripture, but he has not yet learned even the most basic of the theurgic rites.

He appreciates technology and its use in spreading the glory of the Pancreator, but he knows that to succumb to technosphy is to distance oneself from that glory.  To this end, he uses technology, but confines himself to the weapons and gadgets he needs to carry out his mission.  He has more respect for the other sects than many of his order, especially the Eskatonics and the Avestites (even if they don't respect each other).  He hopes one day to prove himself worthy enough as a Brother Battle to become a member of the Inquisition, so that he may best seek out and destroy the evil's that would keep the faithful of all the Known Worlds from the grace of the Holy Flame.  Until his own Luminous Return, Jansen hopes to be able to champion the Pancreator by example and by force if necessary wherever necessary throughout the cosmos.


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